Why do we exist?

Cracked Octopus Club is a collection of 8,888 Octopus NFT's. The COC Team wants to use the money gathered from the Sales, to develop a Crypto Battle Royale with a NFT Marketplace. The goal is to create a game that offers you, the player, an opportunity to invest in yourself. You will be able to sell your own bought skins that you leveled up. We want an active marketplace! You wont lock your money into skins ever again. You are not a gamer? It's fine, passive income is here for that reason. We hope to have you onboard for our Adventure. Ideas are flying of the shelves! You can tell us yours! By Rafael & Joseph Alves

Road Map

20% - One Lucky Octa Holder
gets a 5 SOL airdrop.

40% - We release the Closed Octas.
5 Octas (tokens held back
from the sale), are airdropped
to random Octa holders.

60% - Members-Exclusive COC
Merch Store gets unlocked,
featuring Limited Edition tees,
hoodies, and other goodies.

80% - Octa Holders get randomly
selected for a 50 SOL airdrop.

100% - The Beach Fridge gets
fixed. Kraken Octas (NFT
Breeding) come to life.

Road Map V2 gets initiated.
Battle Royale development
gets iniciated

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When is the Mint going to happen and where?

20 of February 2022, 12:00 GMT (Presale) & 28 of February, Time TBD (General Mint) at our Website.

What is the Blockchain and for how much will it be sold?

Collection will be minted for 1.65 Solana (Pre-sale - WL) and 2.1 Solana (General sale), (We reserve the rigths to adjust the SOL Price on minting day).

What's the price in Euros?

~220€ - WL and ~250€ - General Mint (Prices May Fluctuate).

How can I join the WL?

Simple, join our Discord and ask the Moderators.

Why 8888 NFTs?

Octopus have 8 arms.

How many traits do we have?

One hundred and twelve total (112).

What are the utilities of this NFT if bought?

The money gathered from the sold NFT's will be used to Develop a Battle Royale with a NFT Marketplace.

Any holders will have access to the game in Alpha and Beta state.

The NFT's will also be a Entry Card for the Beach Club (real life club), grant access to VIP Merch and NFT/SOL Giveaways.

You will too unlock Legendary and unique objects in our future game.

Active income will take play by playing the game and leveling up the card.

Passive income will happen when hodling Rare NFT's and selling through our Marketplace.

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